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What is the "Wedding Sixpence"?
The sixpence, an English coin first minted in the reign of Edward VI (1551), has been associated with weddings since the reign of Elizabeth I. in those times the Lord of the Manor where the bride lived would often present a sixpence as a wedding gift. As time passed the tradition changed and it became the custom for the bride's parent to give the coin as a dowry gift. It was not however until Victorian times that the present day custom evolved to that of giving a silver sixpence as a lucky charm to bring wealth and happiness to the married couple.

The custom says that to ensure the couples wealth and happiness the bride should put the coin in her left shoe. In some areas the custom is for the father of the bride to put the sixpence in the shoe, this is probably an amalgamation of the older dowry tradition and the more modern interpretation.
The sixpence coin we use in our wedding favor is from either the reign of George V1 or Elizabeth 11 and as such only has a nominal amount of silver content, but never the less retains the symbolism and continues the age old tradition.

Wedding SixPence - Six Pence and Penny
We are proud to be offering authentic SixPences to the public. Delivered along with the "Something Old, Something New..." Poem as well as the History of the Wedding SixPence.

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