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Fresh Rose Petals
There’s nothing more romantic than walking toward your groom on a gradient carpet of rose petals. They’re sold in every color; just order four to five shades, spread them out, and blur the lines by hand where the colors meet. To ensure you and your maids are the first to set foot on them, seat guests from the sides.
Fresh Rose Petals

The tradition of showering a newlywed couple with fresh rose petals goes back a very long way, but in recent years it has become even more popular. Stop throwing rice scatters so widely that cleaning it up can be nearly impossible! Rice is also slippery, putting both the wedding party and guests at risk of falls. Many wedding planners now suggest throwing natural rose petals instead of rice. Rose petals' fragrance and color can add an extra touch of elegance to a wedding ceremony. Deciding to go with rose petals, however, requires some advance planning.


Some sources for buying fresh rose petals are:

- Fresh Rose Petals - Bella Wedding Flowers - minimum only 250 petals!

- Fresh Rose Petals - Lola Blooms - only in 6000 and 12.000

- StrictlyRosePetals.com - specialized in fresh and freeze dried petals

Natural Rose Petals


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